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How To Side Hustle Your Way Out Of The Recession

This recession is rude. Even those who think recession is a word will admit that it is a real word. It is the word that explains why Indomie noodles that previously cost 35 Naira per pack now costs 55 Naira, or why one puff puff which you could previously last 3 bites, is now the same size as a malnourished lime, better still 50 Kobo coin. Should we talk about how much weight Gala has lost in the past year? Even my dear Fayrouz has suddenly gone from Jamie Lannister to Tyrion Lannister. Continue reading


Betty Irabor, Eku Edewor, Denrele Sonariwo & More; All The Pictures From The Cointreau Crew Finale

The Cointreau Creative Crew finale event took place recently. The initiative- a philanthropic program, aimed at promoting creative freedom and providing financial support, started in April 2016. Continue reading

Kemi Adetiba For TW magazine (4)

Kemi Adetiba Is A Boss Chick For TW Magazine’s Latest Issue

Most of us watched The Wedding Party, and no matter what criticism that might have been given to the movie, no one could take away the amazing cinematography and directing of it. All thanks to TW magazine’s latest cover girl, Kemi Adetiba. Continue reading

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Valentine Gifts To Get For Him On A Budget

It’s that time of the year again! That time when some people tension us with all the gifts they got for Valentine, while we could not think of anything that could fit into our budget other than singlet, boxers and some cheap chocolates. This year, we are here to ensure you don’t get singlet or boxers for your significant other, and you can do this without breaking the bank.

Continue reading

Rell Interiors SVHQ Makeover Pictures (17)

Rell Interiors SVHQ Makeover – The Process; Painting

Continued from here.

We promised to share you all the details involved in the Rell Interiors transformation of the Stylevitae office and we are keeping to our word.  Continue reading


Arddyfolio – Love You Some You & Then More

As the love month draws closer, I have come across different posts on love and relationships. A particular post on twitter about early 20’s been a difficult time for guys in a relationship by a twitter user got my attention, it was really nice and so real, I was already imagining the whole scenario and am sure every other person who read it felt the same. Continue reading

Header of Hijarbie Dolls by Haneefah Adam

Haneefa Adam Breaks Down Social Constructs With The Hijarbie

Although many have discovered the Hijarbie, if the over 77,000 followers on Instagram is anything to go by, but giving that we have over 173 million people in Nigeria alone, we figure some people would still be in the dark about this gorgeous creation.  Continue reading


Woman Crush Wednesday – Stephanie Aiello

Our Woman Crush Wednesday goes to this strong, beautiful and hardworking Vlogger Stephanie Aiello. One half of twin children, who 6 years ago thought that her world had come to an end when she had an accident that took both her legs.  Continue reading