Header of Hijarbie Dolls by Haneefah Adam

Haneefa Adam Breaks Down Social Constructs With The Hijarbie

Although many have discovered the Hijarbie, if the over 77,000 followers on Instagram is anything to go by, but giving that we have over 173 million people in Nigeria alone, we figure some people would still be in the dark about this gorgeous creation.  Continue reading


Woman Crush Wednesday – Stephanie Aiello

Our Woman Crush Wednesday goes to this strong, beautiful and hardworking Vlogger Stephanie Aiello. One half of twin children, who 6 years ago thought that her world had come to an end when she had an accident that took both her legs.  Continue reading


Sister, Sister! – A Beyonce & Solange Interview

It’s a known fact worldwide that the Knowles sisters have dominated the world through their exceptional music, art and personel. While Solange was the least achieved one in music, at least until, A Seat At The Table,  she made up for it with her incredible style and personality, Beyonce on the other hand, though lackluster in style, has dominated the music scene since the time of Destiny’s Child till now.  Continue reading


The SVTeam – Our Style Resolutions For 2017!

We are fully back at the SVHQ and geared up for another fantastic year in fashion and style! With enough energy and zeal, notwithstanding the dryness that comes with Harmattan, we are ready to take on 2017 and share our style resolutions with you! Continue reading


Wedding Souvenirs That Your Guests Will Actually Appreciate

Wedding souvenirs are a big deal in these parts, although I still do not understand why people fight over them or get offended when they do not get any. I mean, after eating free small chops, jollof rice et al and most likely without bringing the couple a gift, why my people? Continue reading


Decision Making – How To Get Through The First Month Of 2017

After months of waiting for the new year to come, 2017 is finally here. I know most people will over procrastinate on setting new year resolutions, but me for me, I think it’s necessary to know what you want and start working towards it.  Continue reading


Victoria Beckham’s Letter To Her 18 Year Old Self Makes For An Inspiring Read

Let’s forget all the glitz and glam that follows her now being a former Spice girl, the Creative Designer of an eponymous luxury fashion label and the wife of football legend, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham didn’t always have it figured out.

In this letter to her 18 year old self as seen on Vogue.com, Victoria dishes some wise advice to her younger self on surviving a life of spotlight, on confidence in her body and believing steadfastly in love. Continue reading