Natural Hair Tips – How To Add Apple Cider Vinegar To You Regimen

It is very easy to say I want to go natural. But do you know how to keep your natural hair healthy, moisturized and in the best condition ever? From time to time, we like to curate tips on how best to take care of natural hair.  Continue reading

Header For Faux Ninja Bun

Bad Hair Valentine’s Day? Faux Ninja Bun To The Rescue!

Valentine’s Day is finally here! What are your plans? Whether you plan to binge on your favorite TV series, give yourself a treat, or go out on a date with bae, one thing is sure, today is not one for bad hair! Already looking a bad hair day? Relax, this faux ninja bun tutorial will sort you out! Continue reading

Natural Hair Bride Hair

Natural Hair Bride-To-Be? These Are The Hair Stylists You Should Know!

In recent years, more women have embraced the idea of wearing their kinky, coily or curly natural hair. Many have gone ahead to become natural hair brides. This has led to an increase in demand of stylists. Continue reading

A Celebrity Guide To Braids feat Eva Longoria, Zoe Saldana, Shailene Woodley, Amber Heard, Emily Blunt

Hair Styling 101 – A Celebrity Guide To Braiding!

When most people hear braids, they think long and tiny million braids or big box braids. But braids are not restricted to those options. There are several other ways to braid up your hair/weave stylishly.  Continue reading

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Say It Ain’t So! Are Hairy Armpits Here To Stay?

I have wanted to write on the issue of growing armpit hair for the longest, but somehow I never got to it until I saw a picture of American actress, Lola Kirke at this year’s Golden Globes.

Continue reading


Watch This – 3 Quick Everyday Natural Hair Styles To Try

Are you a naturalista and you don’t quite get it right trying to style your natural hair everyday? Then this video is certainly for you. Gotten from Angela Lauren she shows 3 simple and quick everyday natural hairstyles to try.  Continue reading


4 Nigerian Natural Hair Bloggers To Follow

Nigerian natural hair lover get in here! We have something for all you’ll ladies who are all about that natural hair life- A short list of amazing natural hair bloggers who will give you all that hairspiration you need. Continue reading


Watch This – 10 Steps To Fix Relaxed Hair Breakage

Most women suffer from hair breakage due to bad weather, terrible hair products or mainly because they do not care much for their hair. With breakages, it’s get a little tricky because you have to get rid of the weak hair before healthy hair starts to grow.  Continue reading


Beauty Tutorial – Mistakes You Should Not Make With 4C Natural Hair

Are you a naturalista with 4C hair? Then drop everything you are doing and watch this video by NappyFu Tv where she talks on the Mistakes You Should Not Make On 4C Natural Hair.  Continue reading