A Celebrity Guide To Braids feat Eva Longoria, Zoe Saldana, Shailene Woodley, Amber Heard, Emily Blunt

Hair Styling 101 – A Celebrity Guide To Braiding!

When most people hear braids, they think long and tiny million braids or big box braids. But braids are not restricted to those options. There are several other ways to braid up your hair/weave stylishly.  Continue reading


Experts Say These Will Be The Top Fashion Trends Of 2017

Happy New Year people! Trust you had a restful time during the holidays. I’m glad that 2016 has finally left us after almost choking life out of us. On the fashion scene, chokers and bare shoulders were the order of the day in 2016, however and fortunately, experts say that while some trends from the past year will be retained, we will be seeing many new fashion trends in 2017. Continue reading


Watch This – Step By Step Tutorial On Perfecting The Senegalese Twist Cornrows

While some people might be familiar with what they call Senegalese Twist Cornrows, a lot of people might still be in the dark about it.  As I was surfing YouTube this morning, I came across a video tutorial by Breanna Rutter on perfecting the Senegalese Twist Cornrow.  Continue reading


Tired Of Conventional Hair Styling Tricks? You Need Natalie Anne

The amount of love I have for hair is alarming, and in recent times I have had to make a conscious effort to curtail my attachment to it. However, I’m still so psyched about new discoveries and on one of those days, I found Natalie Anne Hair.   Continue reading


Watch This – Crochet Braids With Cuban Twist Tutorial

It’s the weekend ladies! This means time to change your hair for a fresh week for most of us.  I stumbled on this amazing video by Border Hammer on how to make the perfect Crochet braids with Cuban Twist. Continue reading

Paul Labile Pogba, hair styles, footballer, Manchester United

Apart From Being A Man United Record Purchase, Paul Pogba’s Edgy Hairstyles Get Us Talking!

If I am asked to name one of the footballers on the planet with the craziest sense of style, I would simply scream out Manchester United midfielder Paul Labile Pogba.  Continue reading

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3 Natural Hair Stores In Nigeria That Offer Delivery Services

Hello SVArmy! Hope you’ve been great and fashion updated! I’ve been away for a while and so much has happened in my world and I’m sure in yours too!

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