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Tajé’s Tips – The 5 Most Difficult Things About Trying To Lose Weight

Hey fitfam!! As we all know, I’m on this healthy lifestyle journey but lately I’ve slacked off and even completely fallen off the wagon a few times but I always get back up. No matter how many times you fall always get back up! I’m happy to say I’ve finally gotten a routine going and I’m now at a point where I no longer even tell people because they have started to notice the pounds falling off and I don’t want to get comfortable. I hardly even share workout videos even on Snapchat!

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Tajé’s Tips – Health Benefit of Beans

Seeing as tomato has become gold in the country (although we’re getting a lot of rain recently so there seems to be hope on the horizon) it’s clear that we need to go back to eating other types of foods more regularly. Continue reading

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Sweat & Packs With Queen – Can You Lose Fat On A Specific Body Part?

It’s almost Summer, Instagram is flooding with 30 day squat challenges, abs challenges, gluts challenges, and even boobs challenges, ok maybe not boobs challenges. But, most people have taken into the myth that they can lose fat in a specific body part;  a phenomenon called spot reduction. Continue reading