Wedding Souvenirs That Your Guests Will Actually Appreciate

Wedding souvenirs are a big deal in these parts, although I still do not understand why people fight over them or get offended when they do not get any. I mean, after eating free small chops, jollof rice et al and most likely without bringing the couple a gift, why my people? Continue reading


Beauty Tutorial – Mistakes You Should Not Make With 4C Natural Hair

Are you a naturalista with 4C hair? Then drop everything you are doing and watch this video by NappyFu Tv where she talks on the Mistakes You Should Not Make On 4C Natural Hair.  Continue reading


Watch This – How To Clear Acne & Dark Spots In 2 Weeks With All Natural Products

We’ve done so much on acne and dark spots and that’s because they are really a menace to many and are often difficult to get rid of. You try a ton of products that people swear by, but end up getting disappointed over again.   Continue reading


Tiff’s Tips & Tricks – Fall Flair: Beauty Transition From Summer To Fall

As summer comes to an end and we begin to enjoy the autumn leaves, fashionistas around the world are preparing their fall wardrobe for the everyday slay. Continue reading


For The Ladies – 5 Things You Shouldn’t Wear For An Interview

It’s Monday, perhaps the most dreaded day of the week for a lot of people. For some though, Mondays signify the beginning of possibilities, a chance at a new career and that interview they’ve been waiting for, to set them on the right path to success! Continue reading


Tips & Tricks – 5 Other Things Your Lip Balm Can Do For You

We are all aware of lip balm and chapped lips being best of friend. Although, currently I hardly use a lip balm because of the weather,  I never leave home without one in my bag.

Lip balm is very amazing for protecting your lips from getting unnecessarily dry and chapped but have you thought of other things your lip balm can be used for? I have.

Continue reading


Tiff’s Tips – Hiring A Professional Makeup Artist

Summer is the season for parties, events & most importantly weddings, so showing up flawless is a must! You have chosen a killer outfit, your hair is slayed to the gawdssssss but makeup isn’t an area of expertise for you and looks like you will need to hire a professional makeup artist.

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