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Your Menstrual Cycle Explained In Two Minutes!

Menstruation plays a major role in our feelings because it leads to fluctuation of hormone (like estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone) levels throughout the month. Understanding the menstrual cycle (a series of monthly changes women experience as the body prepares for a possible pregnancy) goes way in easing up an otherwise stressful process. Continue reading

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Belly Buttons Need Love & Q-Tips Too!

We all have that one body part we pay a lot of attention to – our feet, hands, feet, arms, neck or legs. But it looks like we might have been overlooking one body part which might be accommodating the largest bacteria community. Guess which body part that is – yup, the belly button.

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On The Rising Cost Of Being A Woman & Reusable Sanitary Pads

I was gobsmacked the last time I went to buy disposable sanitary pads, to find out that they now go for double the price. Of course, the usual “Na Buhari economy” followed when I asked what brought about the hike in price. It got me wondering what younger less privileged girls are having to resort to. Continue reading


Beauty Tutorial – Pimples Ridden Face? This Short Clip Would Solve It!

How do we get pimples on our faces? It may be due to stress, intake of oily food or just bad weather. Whatever the case may be, we have ways on how to get rid of these pimples, whether small or big. Continue reading


Important! Ladies Have You Done A Cervical Cancer Screening?

It so happened that while I was at fittings at Gtbank Fashion Weekend, my friend Kemi who is a model and also a  Doctor gathered us around to talk about some important things to do when it comes to health.  Continue reading


The Genevieve Magazine Beauty Awards Finalists Are Here, Let The Voting Begin!

Genevieve Magazine has just released the nominees for the 2016 Genevieve Beauty Awards and it already seems like a tough competition.

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