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Traditional Wedding Beauty Inspiration From Banke Meshida Lawal

Makeup to most Nigerian women is like food to the soul. For me, I see it as a way enhancing your beauty from 60% to a 100%. Most women like to use it everyday, while some use it on very special occasions like birthdays, engagements or weddings. Continue reading


Wedding Souvenirs That Your Guests Will Actually Appreciate

Wedding souvenirs are a big deal in these parts, although I still do not understand why people fight over them or get offended when they do not get any. I mean, after eating free small chops, jollof rice et al and most likely without bringing the couple a gift, why my people? Continue reading


Elizabeth R Debuts Bridal Store, Avant Garde in Lagos

One of Nigeria’s foremost events management company, Elizabeth R, is pleased to announce the launch of Avant Garde, its bridal store that features an exclusive line of wedding gowns, reception dresses and accessories from some of the world’s best designers.

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Just Because My Best Friend’s Wedding Must Be Perfect!

I have always wanted a situation where I takeover my best friend’s wedding like it were mine. A situation where she won’t have to do anything at all, just put her feet up, exercise and rest. Continue reading


10 Tips On Creating A Unique Wedding Hashtag

Apart from a good caterer, a proper DJ and a carefully selected MC (‘carefully selected’ because many people erroneously believe any comedian can pass for MC), one aspect of weddings that has become increasingly relevant in recent times is the wedding hashtag. Continue reading


The Lapel Project – A Stylish Initiative

Shark Tank is back guys!!!!!

I know I’m a bit too excited for a business show but don’t judge me. The show makes me feel smarter than I really am *wink wink*. I was watching the latest episode over the weekend, and the first people to enter into the Tank were two guys who have created this awesome invention that will make you love wearing suits.

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5 Wedding Gifts You Should Never Give

Every thing about weddings is changing. Unlike in the past, some brides now have a second and even third dress, bridesmaids/groomsmen now double as choreographers, reception parties now go on almost endlessly, more food is now available(don’t lie, were there small chops and dessert at weddings back in the day?) among many other changes. While couples are going all the way with the aforementioned, it is only right, that guests up the wedding gifts game too! Continue reading

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Asoebi Styles From Over The Weekend 18/07/2016

It’s Monday! Another week to show off all the gorgeous Aso-ebi styles our Nigerian sister rocked over the weekend on Instagram. Continue reading