The Introverted Gent – How To Switch Up Your Law School Style

As you might have noticed, The Introverted Gent has an affinity for black and white pictures, particularly because of the timelessness and soulfulness they portray. “When you photograph people in color you see their clothes, but when you photograph people in black and white, you see their souls” is a good quote by Ted Grant to put this in perspective. Continue reading

The Introverted Gent – A Banker’s Guide To Shirts & Ties

Work dress codes and social etiquette in Nigeria are still pretty much standardized. Only in oil and gas companies based here in Port Harcourt, new-age startups and in the creative sector where casual Friday is from Monday to Friday, will you observe a bit of freedom on work outfit choices.

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The Introverted Gent – How To Find A Tailor You Can Trust

As wedding season approaches, looking your best will keep you in good stead at these events which usually turn out to be re-unions and networking opportunities. What better time than now, to have a tailor you can trust in your arsenal. Continue reading