1000 Smiles Of 2016 With Huawei

It’s almost the end of 2016. With all the hardship, insecurity and scandals that have come with this year, I have been thinking of ways to contribute my quota towards making the world a better place. Continue reading


Noble Igwe & The Healthy Lifestyle Struggle

Guys, it’s been a while since I penned something so personal but while waiting for the office internet to behave, Nimide ‘yabbed’ me by offering me a glass of juice followed by the statement “You don’t drink this sort of thing anymore, right?”
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Retrocode Is The Hottest Things Since The Microwave

I can’t remember how and when I first came across Retrocode but I paid a bit more attention because consumers had so many positive things to say about the customer service from the young man behind the brand, Cohan Nnanta.

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Pure T Resized

Noble Igwe’s Encounter With Pure Thoughts Natural Handmade Soap

Dear friends, let it be known to all that I always share my beauty and fashion secrets with all. Unlike those other people that will sell you lightening creams in old water bottles, I always tell you when I try out new things because I wouldn’t want to be the last standing handsome Igbo boy walking the streets of Lagos.   Continue reading