VisAdventures Of Her – Brexit Or Nah?

Honestly, the title has nothing to do with the post because the people have decided but being in London made me think of how dangerous ignorance is in a democracy. But that’s my personal opinion.

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VisAdventures Of Her – I Believe I Can Fly

In the period of my silence, the dollar has gone up astronomically- along with the price of tomatoes and petrol and Noble hooked Chioma. (Disclaimer: these events are totally unrelated) It’s been a while since my last post (I do hope I have been missed a tiny bit) and like they say time and tide waits for no one. Though dollar cost I have managed to get in a memorable trip to one of my favourite cities in the world, Cape Town! I do believe God will pick up the call and assist me with my 5 bedroom villa overlooking Camps Bay when the time is right. I digress…

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VisAdventures Of Her – Best Laid Plans II

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So after going to bed in the wee hours of the morning I decided to have an easy morning seeing as I was on holiday after all! My easy morning turned into a lazy day and I only headed out of the hotel in the early evening. Again best laid plans were shot as my preferred jaunt for the day was already closed to the public. Not too phased I moved on to the next place on my agenda which was the Inema Arts Center. I had read lots of positive reviews online so I was looking forward to seeing what the place was about. Continue reading

VisAdventures Of Her – Best Laid Plans

My landmark 30th country (remember the #30by30 plan?) to visit was supposed to be Costa Rica, then it was supposed be Gambia then Zanzibar… Basically the destination kept changing by the day. Bottom line was it was supposed to be somewhere amazing with my favourite cousin as my travel partner but then life happened *shrug* I had my darling friend’s wedding in Nairobi to look forward to but having been there before I was not content. Continue reading

VisAdventures Of Her – One Good Trip Begets Another

So there I was sitting at my desk, working up a storm (my boss reads this and mid-year appraisals are around the corner), where was I… yes, I was working really hard when an email innocently made its way to my inbox. I opened it and lo and behold it was an invitation to a workshop in Manila. I did a double take, really?! Me, now? Really?! Continue reading

VisAdventures Of Her – Current Situation: Lomé

So hiatus over and I’m back like I never left. It’s been a hot minute but the good thing is I have lots of stories to share! I am currently writing from the serene city of Lomé where I will be for the week for a spot of work. Continue reading

VisAdventures Of Her – Moroccan Eats

A big part of travelling for me is to learn about new cultures and people. There’s not much better than getting to immerse yourself an authentic experience of a foreign culture, it makes the world that much smaller and closer to home. Continue reading

VisAdventures Of Her – Meet Me In Marrakech!

Ok so last time I checked in, I promised to let you know where my latest VisAdventure was taking me. It’s been a whirlwind week and I have been to Marrakech in Morocco for the first 4 days to celebrate one of my friend’s 21st birthday *cough*, had a 2 day interlude in Madrid, Spain with my girl and now in Lisbon to round off the trip with my birthday celebrations! Continue reading

VisAdventures Of Her – Wheels Up!

So, most of the time I come here and tell you guys about travels of the past. This time around I’m going to take you guys with me on my current VisAdventure! As I type, I’m seated on a comfy sofa at Starbucks in the Madrid airport (literally paused to get my picture taken as I typed that, thanks nice Spanish lady!). I have a 4 hour layover before my next flight and then my adventure will really and truly begin. Continue reading