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Vintage Style Inspiration For That Perfect Gentleman As Told By Lourens Gebhardt

There are quite a few menswear influencers I follow on Instagram; the likes of Noble Igwe, Denola Grey, Steven Onoja and more. Today I add another name to my list of style influencers I look up to. Lourens Gebhardt, @louxthevintageguru, is everything! Continue reading


Funmi Ogunja Is Not Your Average Fashionista!

Everyday on Instagram I always look out for style stars who are bent on changing the game in fashion. Starting from their outfit choices, to the inspiration behind the looks, these set of individuals always look like they were born for the glam life.  Continue reading


Melania Trump, The Model Turned First Lady

The world was taken by surprise when Donald Trumps voiced his intentions to run for president and have been more shocked at his win. While we would not get into the dynamics of his victory, we focus on one major key player in his life, Melania Trump. Continue reading


Christine Centenera’s Offers Classic Style Inspiration!

From Julia Sarr Jamois, Anna Dello Russo, Giovanni Battaglia  and Christine Centenera, fashion editors all over the world offer such timeless style inspiration that you can’t help but want to dress like them even if money, climate conditions and more won’t let you be.  Continue reading


Keke Cameron Of Clean Chic Laundry Is The Ideal Denim Style Star!

There are only a few fashion bloggers who have originality attached to their style. Some still do things based on how they want to be perceived, or following trends, forgetting originality is key.  Continue reading


Swimwear, Bags & Even Teddies! Nanawax Is The Ultimate Ankara Style Star

While browsing through Instagram as usual, I was captivated by a photo that popped up on my explore page of someone wearing a two-piece swimwear made from ankara. Out of curiosity, I clicked on her page, Nanawax, saw the creative way ankara was being used by her,  and fell in love.

Continue reading


Throwback Thursday – Kylie Jenner’s Style Evolution

The youngest Jenner sister, Kylie, who’s known for her constantly-changing hair, her bodycon-everything clothes and of course makeup brand KylieCosmetics which her fans are grabbing by the minute, turned 19 yesterday. Continue reading

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Style Crush – Rayya Of _l0velysurprise

Instagram is a beautiful place to find stylish people on the planet, and it’s either someone sends me a popping Instagram page or I come across it myself. This time around this pages was screen-grabbed and sent to me by no other person than Owgee. Continue reading