The Lapel Project – A Stylish Initiative

Shark Tank is back guys!!!!!

I know I’m a bit too excited for a business show but don’t judge me. The show makes me feel smarter than I really am *wink wink*. I was watching the latest episode over the weekend, and the first people to enter into the Tank were two guys who have created this awesome invention that will make you love wearing suits.

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Teenaged girl pinches nose

Noble Igwe Says: “Men, Please For Christ’s Sake Smell Nice”

Man cannot play God but as a good Christian, I believe God created man in His own image. Going by that, it is safe to say that God did not create anyone to smell bad. However, every day in Lagos, you come across a man smelling like someone that woke up on a bag of onions. Continue reading

Keep your clothes live longer Hanger, Dust pack, Whitener header

9 Ways To Help Your Clothes Live Longer

Most of our clothes have long life span than we keep them. We wear them for a few month then dump them. The truth is, although we can’t hope to wear a piece of clothing forever no matter how expensive it, we can make them last a little longer if we did the right thing by them.

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header image - beard gang

#BeardGang Noble Igwe, RMD, Obi Somto & More Of Our Fave Nigerian Bearded Men

It is not news that men in beard is the new cool, and with our favourite Nigerian men joining the beard gang, it was only a matter of time before we made a list of our favourites.  Continue reading