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Valentine Gifts To Get For Him On A Budget

It’s that time of the year again! That time when some people tension us with all the gifts they got for Valentine, while we could not think of anything that could fit into our budget other than singlet, boxers and some cheap chocolates. This year, we are here to ensure you don’t get singlet or boxers for your significant other, and you can do this without breaking the bank.

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The Introverted Gent – My Top 10 Style Misconceptions of 2016

It’s less than a week to the end of the first month of the new year. I know what you’re thinking, the first month is already almost up. Irrespective of who is paying attention, time just rolls on doesn’t it? Talking about attention, year on year, trends get ours because they are usually formed from what people give attention to.

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The Style Train Nuggets By Bidemi Adedeji In Vintage Pieces 003

The Style Train Nuggets – Should We Really Bother About Personal Style?

The journey to finding your personal style for many becomes a life time struggle and while some find it early enough, others spend a lifetime clueless. Continue reading

Felix Onatu

The Introverted Gent – Becoming The Well Dressed Man, Personal Style

To round up the ‘Becoming The Well Dressed Man’ series, we will be looking into different style personalities and you can determine your personal style. Do you still recall the sequence? Fit – Colour – Style? First, how your clothes fit then, your natural colouring and what colours suit you and finally your style personality.
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Contemporary 70’s Magic By Akin Faminu

Fashion is something of a necromancer. Which means it communicates with dead trends to create new ones – and sometimes even revives them entirely and one fashion season that always seems to be revived in one way or the other is the 70’s fashion season. Continue reading