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9 Things To Avoid If You Want Your Stomach To Comply In That Fitted Dress

I wrote earlier, about searching for who to make bridesmaids’ dresses for a friend’s wedding. Did I ever mention that I am the Maid of Honor for the wedding? Anyway, I eventually settled for my good old tailor in Benin. Now the problem is not whether she will deliver. Instead, I am more concerned about how my stomach will fare in the fitted dress! Continue reading

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Adeolu Adefarasin’s Five Things This Week

From his cameo in The Wedding Party as the groomsman who didn’t make it to the wedding, to his recent role as Nathan who threatened to break up our #CoupleGoals Tiwa and Mide on Ndani TV’s Skinny Girl in Transit, new actor Adeolu Adefarasin is definitely one to watch out for. Continue reading

WASH Gala From FACE Africa (1)

Save Water, Drink Champagne! A FACE Africa Initiative

Following the success of its signature annual WASH Gala in New York, FACE Africa – a grassroots non-profit organization that funds and implements clean water, sanitation and Hygiene projects across sub-Saharan Africa is hosting its first fundraising event in Lagos on Sunday February 26th, 2017. Continue reading

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How To Side Hustle Your Way Out Of The Recession

This recession is rude. Even those who think recession is a word will admit that it is a real word. It is the word that explains why Indomie noodles that previously cost 35 Naira per pack now costs 55 Naira, or why one puff puff which you could previously last 3 bites, is now the same size as a malnourished lime, better still 50 Kobo coin. Should we talk about how much weight Gala has lost in the past year? Even my dear Fayrouz has suddenly gone from Jamie Lannister to Tyrion Lannister. Continue reading

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Swanky Jerry, Ehiz, TJan & More Attend The Grill At The Pent Valentine Blue Heart Edition

It is always lively in the city of Lagos as Grill At The Pent changes the party game every Sunday at the Penthouse of Cova, Mega Plaza Victoria Island.  Continue reading

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Ajuwaya Memoirs – Love Drama

…Read the previous episode of Ajuwaya Memoirs here.

Miracles happened on camp; it was possible for a young partially crippled man to be one of the best corps members marching in the parade. It was possible to shake hands with your genuine doppelganger and it was possible to fall in love by the second week. Continue reading