On Read Club This Week – Mr & Mrs Doctor; A Case of Plot Holes and Resolution

Julie Iromuanya’s debut novel opens with an interesting paragraph:

“Everything Job Ogbonnaya knew about sex he learnt from American Pornography. So on their first unchaperoned meeting, Job rushed his new wife, splitting her thing body against the papered wall of their lavish honeymoon suite at the Presidential Hotel in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Job tore at her lacy pink panties and only released his lips from her face to haltingly shout, “You-are-the-dirty-slut-girl.” Continue reading

Cinema Etiquette 2

Dear Nigerians, Get Your Cinema Etiquette Right!

So, I went to see Assassin’s Creed yesterday. As if the movie plot was not all over the place enough, the person sitting next to me played candy crush almost throughout the movie and when he wasn’t doing that, he was answering calls. Mind you, his phone ROL’d(Rang Out Loud) each time! I was left to wonder if people really do not know cinema etiquette. Continue reading

Header For Hairy Armpits

Say It Ain’t So! Are Hairy Armpits Here To Stay?

I have wanted to write on the issue of growing armpit hair for the longest, but somehow I never got to it until I saw a picture of American actress, Lola Kirke at this year’s Golden Globes.

Continue reading


Want To Buy A Nigerian Used Car? Here Are Sites To Check!

Last year I was seeking to buy a Nigerian used car since purchasing a a brand new or Tokumbo car was way out of my budget. Blame Buhari recession. Even the Nigerian used car now are so damn expensive that you even ask the people selling if you can use the car to build a mansion after purchasing it.  Continue reading

Header of Hijarbie Dolls by Haneefah Adam

Haneefa Adam Breaks Down Social Constructs With The Hijarbie

Although many have discovered the Hijarbie, if the over 77,000 followers on Instagram is anything to go by, but giving that we have over 173 million people in Nigeria alone, we figure some people would still be in the dark about this gorgeous creation.  Continue reading