Rell Interiors SVHQ Makeover Pictures (17)

Rell Interiors SVHQ Makeover – The Process; Painting

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We promised to share you all the details involved in the Rell Interiors transformation of the Stylevitae office and we are keeping to our word.  Continue reading


On Read Club This Week – Mr & Mrs Doctor; A Case of Plot Holes and Resolution

Julie Iromuanya’s debut novel opens with an interesting paragraph:

“Everything Job Ogbonnaya knew about sex he learnt from American Pornography. So on their first unchaperoned meeting, Job rushed his new wife, splitting her thing body against the papered wall of their lavish honeymoon suite at the Presidential Hotel in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Job tore at her lacy pink panties and only released his lips from her face to haltingly shout, “You-are-the-dirty-slut-girl.” Continue reading

Header of Hijarbie Dolls by Haneefah Adam

Haneefa Adam Breaks Down Social Constructs With The Hijarbie

Although many have discovered the Hijarbie, if the over 77,000 followers on Instagram is anything to go by, but giving that we have over 173 million people in Nigeria alone, we figure some people would still be in the dark about this gorgeous creation.  Continue reading


Spending Christmas In Lagos? Here Are 8 Exciting Things To Do

As the Christmas season comes into full swing,  lot of people have planned for a long holiday. But in case you’re not travelling, Christmas in Lagos offers lots of fun as it is the city were big thing happen.  Continue reading


5 Best Christmas Markets in Europe!

Tis´ the season to be jolly! The countdown begins until the day we can open presents, watch Christmas movies and eat as much food as we like! Let’s not forget the ultimate experience everyone has to have…the Christmas Markets! Continue reading


South African Tourism Hosting – The Concluding Story!

It was day 5 and the guests were ready to take on the next adventure.
The curiosity in the air was palpable as the guests chit-chatted about the previous day and what the day might have in store for them.
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