9 Things To Avoid If You Want Your Stomach To Comply In That Fitted Dress

I wrote earlier, about searching for who to make bridesmaids’ dresses for a friend’s wedding. Did I ever mention that I am the Maid of Honor for the wedding? Anyway, I eventually settled for my good old tailor in Benin. Now the problem is not whether she will deliver. Instead, I am more concerned about how my stomach will fare in the fitted dress! Continue reading

Noble Igwe & The Healthy Lifestyle Struggle

Guys, it’s been a while since I penned something so personal but while waiting for the office internet to behave, Nimide ‘yabbed’ me by offering me a glass of juice followed by the statement “You don’t drink this sort of thing anymore, right?”
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Tajé’s Tips – Health Benefit of Beans

Seeing as tomato has become gold in the country (although we’re getting a lot of rain recently so there seems to be hope on the horizon) it’s clear that we need to go back to eating other types of foods more regularly. Continue reading

Sweat & Packs With Queen – Meal Timing 101

When it comes to weight loss, very intense workouts or restricting your diet is not the healthiest approach. Sure, at first that might work for a certain period of time, but think about the metabolic damage you are putting your body through in the long run.  Continue reading

I Went On A Date And I Am Loving The New Relationship

I know a lot of people say keep your relationship under wraps, but this is one relationship I’m gonna have to blurt out from the rooftops. I met him through another friend of mine who was raving a lot about him, and I was curious. Our mutual friend invited me to come see him once, and, even though I was in a hurry, I was drawn to him and we had to set a brunch date the next day.

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