My Farewell Letter To Mr And Mrs Barrack Obama

Dear Barrack and Michelle Obama,

This letter has been a long time coming but I didn’t write it because I didn’t know just where to start from. Today my heart is filled with sadness as I know it’s time to say goodbye.  Continue reading


Who Were Your Favorite Couples Of 2016?

Although this year was filled with quite a handful of messy celebrity splits, 2016 also introduced a number of fresh cute couple that had us all in awe. Toolz Oniru’s marriage to Tunde Demuren, Ebuka Obi Uchendu to Cynthia Obianodo among others.  Continue reading


5 Romantic Movies To Watch With The Significant Other

The weekend is almost here guys. Time to relax, go for a fun gathering, visit friends, host parties, crash weddings, or, perhaps,  prepare for Date Night with the significant other.  Continue reading


Friday Feeling – Did Calvin Harris Pull A Taylor Swift On Us With His New Song “My Way”?

We all know that Taylor Swift is very vocal about her past relationships and has gone on to sing about them and win awards. What we are trying to find out now is if Calvin Harris did a quick one on us to release a song which may or may not have been about Taylor Swift and his relationship with her.

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pms feature

How To Know When She Is PMSing

Hey guys, this post is mainly for you….but ladies who have friends with weird mood swings can also learn a thing or two from this. I think it is rare to find a guy who understands a woman’s cycle so much he knows when she is PMSing…it is even hard for us to know until we find ourselves crying in the bathroom for no damn reason.

For those who don’t know “PMS” stands for PreMenstrual Syndrome not Premium Motor Spirit, as I am sure some of you are thinking.

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black woman thinking

5 Reasons Why Modern Relationships Got Tougher

We have all come to terms with the fact that the entire dating arena has been re-shuffled and so many core things that helped defined a relationship have been tossed and new rules have been prioritized which has contributed to the large number of failed relationships.  Continue reading