5 Best Christmas Markets in Europe!

Tis´ the season to be jolly! The countdown begins until the day we can open presents, watch Christmas movies and eat as much food as we like! Let’s not forget the ultimate experience everyone has to have…the Christmas Markets! Continue reading


Keeping Up With North West Province, South Africa Tourism Hosting: Day 1

Unless you’ve been incognito on social media, you will notice that some of biggest celebrities are in South Africa having the time of their life. South African Tourism West Africa organized an 8 day tour to South Africa for top celebrities & media personalities to explore the beautiful sceneries and culture of the country. The fun-filled, eight-day experience, will focus on the North West Provinces of South Africa. Continue reading


Destination Diary – Free Falling & Freedom’s House

After traveling for nearly 24 hours and then being hidden away for a day ahead of surprising my sister, it was time to get out and about and enjoy being in Johannesburg for a day. It started off pretty chilled with a late start and brunch at Fourways Farmers Market (check out my last post) and then we were off to find out what exactly this free-falling business was all about.

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Destination Diary – Mission Johannesburg

Like I said in my first NITC post, I’ve done quite a bit of traveling in the last few months (well year or so really!) but by far the most exciting and dramatic trip, during which I believe I racked up the most time in the air in the shortest space of time, has to be my trip to Johannesburg, South Africa to surprise my sister, thanks to her boyfriend (now fiancé!) and to deliver a very special package.  Continue reading


VisAdventures Of Her – Brexit Or Nah?

Honestly, the title has nothing to do with the post because the people have decided but being in London made me think of how dangerous ignorance is in a democracy. But that’s my personal opinion.

Speaking of the UK, Continue reading

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 8

For The Life Of Mimi – #MimiOTravels: Abu Dhabi!

Shortly after I got back from my month-long trip to the UK and USA, – I still owe you some deets on that – I was off to the Middle East on another adventure. It was the perfect way to wrap up my summer travels and I intended to make the best of the opportunity, which is exactly what I did. The location was Abu Dhabi and though armed with the information that it was a pretty hot time of the year, my enthusiasm remained extremely high. I packed my bags and off I went! Continue reading

Pelumi Alabi Urbane Hanger travel destination Republic du Benin collage

Destination Diary – Urbane Hanger’s Postcard From Republic Du Benin

Traveling around the neighboring countries in West Africa had been on my mind for a while now. For one reason or another, the desire has just remained a dream (although I have visited Republic of Benin several times, but this is the first time I’m going with a camera and some friends). Continue reading

Mimi O Travels Dallas 5

For The Life Of Mimi – #MimiOTravels: One Dallas Night

While in Houston, I decided to take a road trip to Dallas as it wasn’t that far away plus I had a friend there. My expectations for the trip were honestly pretty low and I was prepared for a couple days spent lazying around indoors. To me, after being in Houston for a while, there wouldn’t be much to Dallas anymore. Continue reading