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Between Melania Trump & Jackie Kennedy

Just less than a month ago, precisely on January 20, 2017, the internet was agog not just because the infamous Donald Trump but also because of his wife, Melania Trump’s outfit, which many say was inspired by former FLOTUS, Jackie Kennedy. Continue reading

Big Brother Naija

The Introverted Gent – On Big Brother Naija Male Housemates’ Style

Put strangers under constant surveillance in a confined space for 3 months. Better still, let the whole of Africa observe, grow fund of, mock, defend, praise, crush on, support and judge each of the subjects in this confined space and that’s Big Brother Naija in a nutshell. Continue reading


Arddyfolio – Love You Some You & Then More

As the love month draws closer, I have come across different posts on love and relationships. A particular post on twitter about early 20’s been a difficult time for guys in a relationship by a twitter user got my attention, it was really nice and so real, I was already imagining the whole scenario and am sure every other person who read it felt the same. Continue reading

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Yaba Boys, I No Like This Your Touching Body

Going shopping alone in a market in Benin City is one task I do not look forward to, and it is neither because I cannot do without company nor because I do not know how to negotiate prices. It is actually because of the behavior of the male vendors. I have since discovered that this is not a Benin thing. Lagos and especially Tejuosho (Yaba) markets taught me that. Continue reading


And The Award For The Most Relevant Brand Of 2016 Goes To…… Adidas!

Highsnobiety holds an annual awards series, “Highsnobiety Crowns,” that profiles the best brands, sneakers, stores, collaborations and people in the menswear categories. The nominees in each category, shortlisted by the website’s editors, and voted on by Highsnobiety’s readers usually contains an eclectic mix of athletic, luxury and street wear labels: Nike, Adidas, Vetements, and Gucci among others.  Continue reading

Cinema Etiquette 2

Dear Nigerians, Get Your Cinema Etiquette Right!

So, I went to see Assassin’s Creed yesterday. As if the movie plot was not all over the place enough, the person sitting next to me played candy crush almost throughout the movie and when he wasn’t doing that, he was answering calls. Mind you, his phone ROL’d(Rang Out Loud) each time! I was left to wonder if people really do not know cinema etiquette. Continue reading

Header For Hairy Armpits

Say It Ain’t So! Are Hairy Armpits Here To Stay?

I have wanted to write on the issue of growing armpit hair for the longest, but somehow I never got to it until I saw a picture of American actress, Lola Kirke at this year’s Golden Globes.

Continue reading