Freedom To Style – Supermodel Chanel Iman Stars In Mizani’s 2016 Campaign

Hair care brand Mizani taps internationally renowned supermodel Chanel Iman to cover its #FreedomToStyle campaign. The brand takes things to the next level with introduction of new style icons Chanel Iman, Maria Borges, Grace Mahary and Heidy De la Rosa.

These four inspiring women express their personalities through their hairstyles, and also demonstrates how hair texture can be styled in various ways to suit ones mood and occasion.

Each style icon has a unique story that reflects the #FreedomToStyle campaign, styled by Mizani Global Artistic Director César Ramirez. Chanel had her hair styled in six amazing ways, wearing a halter neck jumpsuit, a white suit, a champagne silk dress and a lavender gown.

We certainly love these looks on Chanel. Mizani for the win!









Images – www.mizani,com 





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