Mimi Onalaja Is The Ideal Bride For Bridal Retail Brand Elizabeth & Lace

Bridal retail brand, Elizabeth & Lace just presented her latest collection of wedding dresses and it has a bit of everything for contemporary brides. 

The fashion label in collaboration with bridal image consultant, The Wardrobe Manager, released four bridal looks aiming at women with different personalities and individuality.

In the accompanying notes, the designer had this to say on inspiration;

‘The campaign was inspired by their experiences interacting with different types of brides, and the desire to offer a creative vision for brides-in-waiting who are seeking a timeless look that is both sophisticated and ultimately exceptional looks.’

Mimi Onalaja, proved to be the perfect muse to showcase the four looks-  Regal, Elegant, Vintage and Minimalist bridal outfits and through the lens of Alistair Englebert Preston, it was a showcase of personality, sophistication and grace.

I particularly like how the attention is focused on the details of the dresses and every distraction is curtailed to a reasonable amount. Photography captures the dresses in great light, hair and makeup did an amazing job with keeping the model looking elegant and the styling was indeed a fantastic job.

Take a look!

The Vintage Bride


The Minimalist Bride


The Elegant Bride



The Regal Bride






Muse: Mimi Onalaja

Hair: Jordan Olu

Makeup: FlawlessfacesbyJane

Dresses & Veil: Elizabeth & Lace Bridal Boutique

Accessories: Ene Maya Millinery & Accessories

Photographer: Alistair Englebert Preston Photography

Creative Direction & Styling: The Wardrobe Manager

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