Retrocode Is The Hottest Things Since The Microwave

I can’t remember how and when I first came across Retrocode but I paid a bit more attention because consumers had so many positive things to say about the customer service from the young man behind the brand, Cohan Nnanta.

A little search on Twitter, I came across different pictures posted by people rocking their Retrocede vintage and retro pieces in different ways.







I dug a bit deeper and realized that Retrocode tabs could be open by someone for another and in some cases as anonymous. That was such a good marketing strategy and people were using it to anonymously tell people that they care about them.

I reached out to Cohan to order a piece but he instead sent me two for Chioma and I both smelling like something from a box of perfume.

You may not know it yet but Retrocode is the new king of Vintage-style clothing in Nigeria and the cool kids are rocking theirs with Dapmod glasses.









Retrocode designs are colorful, fun to look at and tick all the right boxes for the people that love to share their man’s clothing. You can tailor them for that fitted look but otherwise they are perfect to be worn fresh from the delivery man’s hand.

If you are one of us that like to stand out regardless of the event dress code, Retrocodes put you on the list of “Not under or overdressed” and believe me that’s the best way to dress to any event. You don’t want to be that person that wears Agbada to a pizza party or a kid’s 2-year birthday celebration.


There’s nothing hotter than a lady with the perfect Bobrisky highlight in a Retrocode top with nothing beneath.



There are only two ways to stay a cool kid, Retrocode and Dapmod glasses. *pops collar*





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