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Velvet & Loafers By Akin Faminu002

Velvet & Tassle Loafers Season By Akin Faminu

A country house shoe, or a Norwegian’s favoured style of footwear? There’s been a lot of talk as to where the loafer’s style of footwear comes from but whatever you consider to be the true origins of the contemporary loafer, what’s indisputable is it’s timeless and skillful blend of comfort and flair. Continue reading


Contemporary 70’s Magic By Akin Faminu

Fashion is something of a necromancer. Which means it communicates with dead trends to create new ones – and sometimes even revives them entirely and one fashion season that always seems to be revived in one way or the other is the 70’s fashion season. Continue reading


Vintage Lagos – A Retrospective Fashion Documentary By Akin Faminu 2

Beyond edgy suits and classic architecture, let’s take it a step further guys, let’s involve the fabric, the styling and the details even more, let’s create a connection, let’s make it thoroughly African! Continue reading


The Ultimate Dapper Afrocentrism By Akin Faminu

The Power of Navy – There are some things that every man looks good in – a pair of dark selvedge denim jeans, a white dress shirt or solid black suit, certain pieces and styles work for any guy who is willing to try them.

There a few colors which fall into this category too – but none more so than Navy. Continue reading


Contemporary Ethnic Style & Creamy Goodness By Akin Faminu

Style transcends everything, and just as you can randomly have your morning coffee or ice cream later, why not choose to do it ‘in style’, especially when it’s so stylishly served to you like it’s done in our very own Coldstone creamery. Continue reading


LFDW2016 Street Style – 5 Key Menswear Trends By Akin Faminu

Hey guys, lights, cameras, a lot of cameras, Action!!

It’s that time of the year again .. Fashion season! And after the likes of London, New York, Paris, Milan, and South Africa, it’s time for our very own Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016. Continue reading


Campus Style – Collins Badewa Of Unilorin

Today’s guest on Campus Style is Collins Badewa, a 3rd year Electrical and Electronics Engineering student of the University of Ilorin. He is a Fashion Stylist, a Fashion writer and blogs at thestreethaute.wordpress.com

Continue reading


The Tuxedo Affair By Akin Faminu

There’s an argument to be made that there is nothing more stylish and essentially male than a tuxedo. After all, a man should never look better than he does when he’s wearing one. They’re also extremely flattering to any male figure and are so ingrained in our menswear history that they will never ever go out of style. Surely, it’s worth an investment? Continue reading