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Tina Yong eyeliner tutorial 1

Must Watch – 12 Common Eyeliner Mistakes You Could Be Making

After a perfect face beat we always love to finish the look with a well done winged eyeliner right?Most people get it wrong while other get it right. Whatever group you fall into it’s always important to know some very important mistakes you could be making.  Continue reading

SmartistaBeauty 2

Beauty Tutorial – How To Get The Natural Affordable Makeup Look

Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to another beauty tutorial of the week. Today we have a video that takes you on getting that natural affordable makeup look that gives you that perfect shine. Continue reading


Woman Crush Wednesday – Stephanie Aiello

Our Woman Crush Wednesday goes to this strong, beautiful and hardworking Vlogger Stephanie Aiello. One half of twin children, who 6 years ago thought that her world had come to an end when she had an accident that took both her legs.  Continue reading


Beauty Tutorial – Pimples Ridden Face? This Short Clip Would Solve It!

How do we get pimples on our faces? It may be due to stress, intake of oily food or just bad weather. Whatever the case may be, we have ways on how to get rid of these pimples, whether small or big. Continue reading


Some Amazing Benefits Of Black Soap!

There have been quite a number of people across the world that testify about how Black Soap changed their lives. We have come across beauty tutorials, articles and real life testimonies of how these people’s skin, and sometimes hair, were saved by the almighty black soap. Continue reading


Beauty Tutorial – The Right Makeup For The Melanin Popping Girls!

Are you a melanin popping black woman and don’t know how best to makeup, what products to use and what foundation types to purchase, then this post is definitely for you as melanin goddess Aluel Bol Kuanyin takes us through her makeup routine.  Continue reading


Watch This – How To Clear Acne & Dark Spots In 2 Weeks With All Natural Products

We’ve done so much on acne and dark spots and that’s because they are really a menace to many and are often difficult to get rid of. You try a ton of products that people swear by, but end up getting disappointed over again.   Continue reading