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Meet Mrs. Wedding Planner – The Go-To Planner For Destination Weddings

Are you planning a destination wedding? Mrs. Wedding Planner is your go-to girl. She has planned the weddings of so many people, including the Demurens, and I daresay she always does an excellent job at it.

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Games To Play At a Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are fast becoming the “in-thing” in Nigeria, and a lot of people go all out when they are planning bridal showers for their friends. We asked a couple of people for the best bridal shower games they have seen and how it is played.

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Beauty Hacks Every Bride Should Know

Dear bride-to-be, we know you have to look your absolute best on this very special day of your life. However, things may not go according to plan. A stubborn pimple may sprout or you may bruise a part of your skin that you intended to show on that day. These simple DIY hacks will help you avoid unwanted surprises, and enjoy your day the way you intended.

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How To Successfully Crash A Nigerian Wedding

Hello fellow mogbo moyas….how is your day going? Another weekend is here and you have no plans abi? as usual We are here to rescue you from the clutches of boredom and hunger as usual. Follow these steps, and you will never have a boring Saturday ever again.

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After You Say Yes! – The 12-Month Timeline

Congratulations are in order! You have gone through the OMG moment where he got on one knee and said those magical words you have been waiting to hear. You may have shed a couple of crocodile tears (we know you saw it coming – wink), and screamed or laughed. You definitely covered your face with your hands (we have to do a research on why y’all do that), but all that is over. Continue reading

From Met Gala to Wedding Ceremony – Some Aisle Perfect Gowns From The Met Gala

A lot of celebrities went a bit overboard with their costumes at this year’s Met Gala, but what else would you expect when you hear that the theme for this year is “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” exploring the relationship between clothes created by hand (or “manus”) versus the machine (machina).

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