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How To Pop The Question….To Your Bridesmaids

Last week, I received a message from a secondary school acquaintance saying how she wanted me to be on her bridal train. The last time I saw this girl was when we were still in high school, and we only kept in touch because of social media, and out of nowhere, I receive an Instagram dm….

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The Wedding Dilemma – Who Pays For The Bridesmaids’ Dresses?

I recently overheard a group of friends discussing how ridiculous their bridesmaid costs were. One of them was mad that she had to pay upwards of N100,000 to be in her friend’s bridal train. One hundred thousand Naira to be a bridesmaid?! Please will I have shares in the marriage? Will I take the most eligible bachelor home?

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Ten Things They Didn’t Tell You About Being Maid Of Honour

If you’ve ever been on the bridal train of a close friend or a relative, you will agree with me that the anxiety one feels when the wedding approaches almost equals that of the bride, double that if you’re the maid of honour. The enormity of your responsibilities is astounding.  Continue reading