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Bridesmaids AppealbyMae Groupp

Getting Married? These Brands Make The Best Bridesmaids Dresses

As I type this, I currently belong to four Whatsapp groups for three different friends’ weddings, two of which are set to hold in the first quarter of this year. One of the groups is called Bridesmaids Group and is made up of about five ladies, with two of us as the maids of honor.  Continue reading

Cinema Etiquette 2

Dear Nigerians, Get Your Cinema Etiquette Right!

So, I went to see Assassin’s Creed yesterday. As if the movie plot was not all over the place enough, the person sitting next to me played candy crush almost throughout the movie and when he wasn’t doing that, he was answering calls. Mind you, his phone ROL’d(Rang Out Loud) each time! I was left to wonder if people really do not know cinema etiquette. Continue reading

Header For Mayowa

Mayowa Nicholas Shines In Harper’s Bazaar US February 2017 Issue

Just like that, January is almost gone with some of us yet to set goals for the year while the likes of Nigerian model, Mayowa Nicholas has already scored a major gig in Harper’s Bazaar US editorial for February!

Continue reading

Header For Hairy Armpits

Say It Ain’t So! Are Hairy Armpits Here To Stay?

I have wanted to write on the issue of growing armpit hair for the longest, but somehow I never got to it until I saw a picture of American actress, Lola Kirke at this year’s Golden Globes.

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Header For Reusable Pads

On The Rising Cost Of Being A Woman & Reusable Sanitary Pads

I was gobsmacked the last time I went to buy disposable sanitary pads, to find out that they now go for double the price. Of course, the usual “Na Buhari economy” followed when I asked what brought about the hike in price. It got me wondering what younger less privileged girls are having to resort to. Continue reading


The SVTeam – Our Style Resolutions For 2017!

We are fully back at the SVHQ and geared up for another fantastic year in fashion and style! With enough energy and zeal, notwithstanding the dryness that comes with Harmattan, we are ready to take on 2017 and share our style resolutions with you! Continue reading


Dear Zimbabwe, Can We Have Vimbai Mutinhiri, Please?!

As a housemate in Big Brother Amplified, Vimbai Mutinhiri was not a favorite of most Nigerians, not when our girls Karen Igho and Vina were there. Continue reading


Mimi Onalaja’s Bae Will Make Your Ear Ring!

Unlike many Nigerians, media personality Mimi Onalaja has had a great year (at least, career-wise). Also, unlike many Nigerians, she has successfully kept her love interest away from public eye. Continue reading