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LA Brioche Feeds Our Pastry Obsession

Delicious surprises make for a truly luxurious experience at one of our new favourite spots La Brioche. Nestled on the quiet street of No 22B Musa Yar’ adua, Victoria Island, this little treasure trove provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, and takes you straight into the warmness of a plush parisienne bakery.

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Chicken Tastes Better With This Easy Recipe!

Cooking has become a lifestyle for me. I cook every day and from scratch too. Following my mothers footsteps, I cook with only fresh ingredients and I find it hard eating food stored in the fridge for more than two days. I also get tired of eating the same things, so I am always in the kitchen cooking something new. Continue reading

Header Samantha Dimka Five Things London 2016

Samantha Dimka’s Five Things – London

London was my stomping ground for many years, where I worked, lived and played and it still feels like home when I visit. There are definitely very specific things I miss about it since I moved back to Nigeria and look forward to doing when there. Recently, as I prepared for another move, I visited very briefly and it brought it all back. Continue reading

WO GT CHEF E-INVITATION copy GTBank Food & Drink Fair 2016

Sit At The Chef’s Table At The GTBank Food & Drink Fair This May Day

As part of GTBank’s inaugural Food & Drink event this May Day holiday, professionally trained chef and food enthusiast, Chef Benedict, will host The Chef’s Table, offering authentic Italian cuisine.

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Om Nom Lagos Travels – Cape Town, South Africa

So I just got back from Cape Town. Okay not just. It has been a couple of weeks now and I am still basking in my post holiday zen state. I am not a huge fan of Jo’burg (sorry, Jozi) but Cape Town, I absolutely adore. Continue reading

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Tajé’s Tips – Quick & Easy Healthy Guacamole Recipe

Hey Fitfam! Today’s ‘tip’ is a little different. I’m showing you how to make a healthy Guacomole side, quick and easy! Go for guacamole as a source of healthy fat and vitamin E. It is rich in fiber, potassium and other essential nutrients which can help keep you healthy and prevent certain illnesses when included in a healthy diet.

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The Morning After – How to Get Over Party Jollof Ruining Hangovers

Just yesterday, having drinks to celebrate or mourn the state of your  fuel tank, the outcome of your week at work, (wo)man issues, or your football team’s current position on the league table seemed like a good idea. So you did. Unfortunately today, you have  just woken up to many unpleasant feelings all at once. Continue reading