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Woven Blends On – Bare Shoulders & Skater Skirts

Fashionable women do not just look great because of the clothes they wear but also because of how they accessorize each piece. More often than not, great style is in the details of individual pieces which when put together form a greater picture. Good investments in trendy and fun statement pieces always go a long way. Continue reading

The Style Train Nuggets By Bidemi Adedeji In Vintage Pieces 003

The Style Train Nuggets – Should We Really Bother About Personal Style?

The journey to finding your personal style for many becomes a life time struggle and while some find it early enough, others spend a lifetime clueless. Continue reading


Contemporary 70’s Magic By Akin Faminu

Fashion is something of a necromancer. Which means it communicates with dead trends to create new ones – and sometimes even revives them entirely and one fashion season that always seems to be revived in one way or the other is the 70’s fashion season. Continue reading


Church Style From The Average Nigerian Girl – A Traditional Christmas

Merry Christmas people!!!!!

Honestly, I had mixed feelings about the celebration being on a Sunday because it’s just not the same. I know many of us have not been feeling very ‘Chrismassy’ but hey I hope we all went to church and felt more in the mood after. Continue reading


Church Style From The Average Nigerian Girl – Pink Notes!

Hey guys! How are y’all coping with this weather that can’t seem to stop confusing us?

Pink isn’t my favorite color and actually it’s on the bottom of the list but I do have a few items in shades of pink like this bodysuit, jacket and heels. In my opinion, blush pink is the best shade of pink. Argue with yourself! Continue reading


Mannequin Et Stylist – Keresimesi De

Though I’m not Yoruba, I’ve always found Keresimesi,  an apt and completely perfect description of Christmas in Nigeria. The shopping and shopping and endless shopping, when it’s very obvious everyone is on holiday. When like the Mexicans, (FYI not sure about this, though I heard hot Mexican mom Gloria of modern family say so) fireworks a.k.a banger hits all major and minor stands and immediately get sold out, when Harmattan comes out to play and of course when most people don’t really fuss when it comes to dressing (we copied this from the onyinbos, I guess). Continue reading