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Save The Date – Kinky Apothecary’s Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show Returns On Saturday!

We’re excited to announce that on Saturday November 19th, 2016, The Kinky Apothecary’s Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show, Nigeria’s first ever expo dedicated to healthy hair, beauty and lifestyle, returns for the second year running!

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Watch This – Transition From Relaxed to Natural Hair Without The Big Chop!

We write about natural hair a lot, from people whose hair give us goals to styling inspiration and all the products you might need. What if you want to embark on the natural hair journey and you’re reluctant because you don’t want to chop off your relaxed hair? This video by the Glam Twinz 334 gives insight on just how to achieve that! Continue reading

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From Yarn Braids, Faux Locs To Crochet & More: Update Your Braids Lingua

I love braids and as a child, I always looked forward to braiding my hair during the holidays, and though it takes a lot of time to do and also gets annoying when the hair stylist keeps assuring you that it’s a small portion left in the last three hours…God damn! But at the end I get to have that fabulous look. Continue reading

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Some Of The Best Natural Hair Products Ever?

Its no news for us ladies with curly hair, that the process of buying the right products for our kinks and coils can be a real struggle not to mention that we hoard them when we find them and then seem finish them in a blink of an eye. Continue reading

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Beauty Crush – Toke Makinwa’s Fab Hairstyles

TV, radio and YouTube personality Toke Makinwa is one celebrity we always keep an eye on when it comes to fashion and beauty. She is not afraid to try new things and when it comes to her hair, she always goes for colors and styles that make her stand out.

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