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Watch This – 10 Steps To Fix Relaxed Hair Breakage

Most women suffer from hair breakage due to bad weather, terrible hair products or mainly because they do not care much for their hair. With breakages, it’s get a little tricky because you have to get rid of the weak hair before healthy hair starts to grow.  Continue reading


Beauty Tutorial – Get Those Edges Back With These Easy Steps

I have come in contact with a lot of people who have problems with their natural hair having scanty edges and bald spots. When I saw this video tutorial by Vlogger ZigAndStuff, on how to get those edges & bald spots back, I thought it wise to share.  Continue reading

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3 Natural Hair Stores In Nigeria That Offer Delivery Services

Hello SVArmy! Hope you’ve been great and fashion updated! I’ve been away for a while and so much has happened in my world and I’m sure in yours too!

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Freedom To Style – Supermodel Chanel Iman Stars In Mizani’s 2016 Campaign

Hair care brand Mizani taps internationally renowned supermodel Chanel Iman to cover its #FreedomToStyle campaign. The brand takes things to the next level with introduction of new style icons Chanel Iman, Maria Borges, Grace Mahary and Heidy De la Rosa. Continue reading

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I Got A Beautiful Natural Hair Blow Out In Less Than An Hour

I have always been that type of girl who always stuck to the same hair style over and over again. My afro is more like my go to style and I feel if I do something different, people wouldn’t be able to recognize me, but I decided to change my mind-set last weekend. Continue reading

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Some Of The Best Natural Hair Products Ever?

Its no news for us ladies with curly hair, that the process of buying the right products for our kinks and coils can be a real struggle not to mention that we hoard them when we find them and then seem finish them in a blink of an eye. Continue reading

Los Beauty Files – Natural Hair Oil Treatment Regimen For Fine Coils

It seems very difficult for people to understand that a full haired, naturally coily girl can also have fine hair. Seems odd no matter how we put it, but some of us do exist which makes straightening our hair a nightmare. This was pretty much how I learned that my super dense hair was made up of fine, thin strands.

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