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Tired Of Conventional Hair Styling Tricks? You Need Natalie Anne

The amount of love I have for hair is alarming, and in recent times I have had to make a conscious effort to curtail my attachment to it. However, I’m still so psyched about new discoveries and on one of those days, I found Natalie Anne Hair.   Continue reading

Let It Fro – How To Rock The Teeny Afro

Howdy everyone, hope the week’s been great? I hope it has, but remember to keep it positive if it hasn’t as that brings about the good vibes!

This week, I’ll be giving you tips for styling your teeny (weeny?) afro. Yes If you are a member of the big chop association, you must have passed through the difficult stages of the TWA, its maintenance, styling and overall health. I’ve seen people give up at this stage and quietly crawl back to relaxers or texturizers.  Well, from one survivor to another hopeful I say hold the fort! Don’t give up. Continue reading

To Wig Or To Weave On?

You all know I am Team Weave Anytime, Anyday. But did you know under this camp weave we have two sub teams, Team Weave On and Team Wig? Back in the day wigs were meant for our mothers because of their receding hair lines and bald spots and wearing a wig would automatically classify you as an old lady. But nowadays thanks to ridiculously expensive piece of hair extension called closure you can barely tell if a lady is wearing a wig or weave. Even some of our naturalistas are embracing the wig as another way for them to look fabulous. Continue reading