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The BeetRoot Affair – When Bloggers Became Foodies!

Perhaps, the first thing I should say should be, I Love Food. A complete, consuming and unapologetic kind of love. And so, it was with excitement and lightness in spirit, that I accepted the invitation for a bloggers brunch from SoMe solutions.  Continue reading

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Tajé’s Tips – Quick & Easy Healthy Guacamole Recipe

Hey Fitfam! Today’s ‘tip’ is a little different. I’m showing you how to make a healthy Guacomole side, quick and easy! Go for guacamole as a source of healthy fat and vitamin E. It is rich in fiber, potassium and other essential nutrients which can help keep you healthy and prevent certain illnesses when included in a healthy diet.

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Tajé’s Tips – 10 Foods That Make Cellulite Disappear!

Hello! It’s March! I know haven’t exactly been keeping my promise on doing more regular posts so far this year. I apologize Fitfam!! It’s been a little crazy for me so far for me this year. I’m on my hustle. I’m sure everyone understands that! Continue reading

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Tajé’s Tips – Strawberry Love

Valentine’s season is upon us and with it an array of red things, sweet treats and, hopefully, happy memories. As we know strawberries are a signature of this season but did you know they’ve got lots of health benefits?!

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Tajé’s Tips – 10 Healthier Snacks For Just Before Bed

Hey Fitfam, so we are three days away from this the year finally coming to an end. I don’t know about you but my life has been stressful; extremely packed, fully emotional and somewhat disorganized since November 1st. I’m physically drained. I need a major bae-cation or for someone to pamper me for a day!

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Tajé’s Tips – The 10 Worst Things To Eat Before Bed!

Hey my gorgeous & handsome Fitfam crew! How’s everyone doing today? I had by far the longest weekend yet, packed with activities all the way from Thursday to Sunday. I don’t know why people are getting married on Sunday these days. Sunday’s supposed to be for church and resting! *tears* Continue reading

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Tajé’s Tips – Eat A Rainbow

I know fashions week now over and most of us didn’t eat properly. I can confess that I definitely did not. I managed to eat once a day but I did have my green shot every morning and made sure I had my 5 a day throughout the day. So, I have a little task for us this week to get us back on track.

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