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Noble Igwe & The Healthy Lifestyle Struggle

Guys, it’s been a while since I penned something so personal but while waiting for the office internet to behave, Nimide ‘yabbed’ me by offering me a glass of juice followed by the statement “You don’t drink this sort of thing anymore, right?”
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Weight Loss Tricks

Watch This – How To Lose Weight Without Working Out

Most people struggle a lot with weight loss especially since the general notion is that you have to exercise regularly to be able to lose weight. This requires time and sometimes, there’s just no time to work out and the struggle begins. Continue reading


Sweat & Packs With Queen – Meal Timing 101

When it comes to weight loss, very intense workouts or restricting your diet is not the healthiest approach. Sure, at first that might work for a certain period of time, but think about the metabolic damage you are putting your body through in the long run.  Continue reading

Header of Queen meal planning

Sweat & Packs With Queen – The Meal Plan Guide

It’s a new week, that means meal prepping and planning out your workouts are in order. Whether you are trying to gain muscle mass or shred fat, to achieve either goal, your nutrition plays a huge part on your health and physique results. Your breakfast, the snacks you have mid-breakfast, what you take to work for lunch, mid-lunch snack, dinner, and late night snacks all impact your results and help you reach your fitness goals.

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Belly fat reduction excersice header

9 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Belly Fat For Good!

Do you ever feel angry when you want to wear that beautiful crop top you saw in that fashion show room and always think about the little pouch in your belly? Is it always that part of your body that you have a serious problem with? Then this post is for you. Continue reading


Tajé’s Tips – Healthy Salads

Believe it or not, not all salads are equal. That it has the tag ‘salad’ plastered on it or is in the salad section of the menu in the restuarant doesn’t mean it’s healthy or that it’s good for you. Most of the salads in restuarants are loaded with full fat cream dressing or full fat shredded cheese or are those fake potato salads that are drowned in full cream. They’re about 180 calories and 10g fat and you still seek some protein after. Continue reading