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The Ultimate Dapper Afrocentrism By Akin Faminu

The Power of Navy – There are some things that every man looks good in – a pair of dark selvedge denim jeans, a white dress shirt or solid black suit, certain pieces and styles work for any guy who is willing to try them.

There a few colors which fall into this category too – but none more so than Navy. Continue reading

Memoirs Of A Fashion Week Newbie (1)



Yaayyy!!! The much anticipated Lagos Fashion Week 2016 begins tomorrow. I’m super excited, I bet you’re wondering why.

You see, I’ve never attended any of the fashion weeks. I always look forward to attending but something usually comes up.  Last year it was NYSC orientation camp and the year before that; it was law school. 
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#LFDW2016: Through The Eyes Of A First Timer

So for the very first time ever, I will be a real participant amongst the most fashionable, stylish, opinionated and creative individuals in the world (well….actually in Nigeria). It’s Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016 (#LFDW16) and I am here for the first time! Continue reading

Grace Alex’s Five Things Now

Grace Alex, popularly known as T2pitchy is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Abuja. On her blog, Gafashion.blogspot.com.ng, she documents her day-to-day style, DIY’s, beauty hacks and other happenings. She also owns footwear brand, Gafa Footwear. Continue reading