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Natural Hair Bride-To-Be? These Are The Hair Stylists You Should Know!

In recent years, more women have embraced the idea of wearing their kinky, coily or curly natural hair. Many have gone ahead to become natural hair brides. This has led to an increase in demand of stylists. Continue reading


Ajuwaya Memoirs: Black Cockroaches

But you should have seen us dancing, dancing in spite of the heat, dancing without identity, in spite of our hunger and I the only one standing stiff couldn’t blame them for dancing at all; finally getting here into youth service after four, five, six or seven years of tertiary education in our strike-ridden, poorly equipped and facilitated tertiary institutions was already too much reason to dance. Continue reading

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Yaba Boys, I No Like This Your Touching Body

Going shopping alone in a market in Benin City is one task I do not look forward to, and it is neither because I cannot do without company nor because I do not know how to negotiate prices. It is actually because of the behavior of the male vendors. I have since discovered that this is not a Benin thing. Lagos and especially Tejuosho (Yaba) markets taught me that. Continue reading


Dear Zimbabwe, Can We Have Vimbai Mutinhiri, Please?!

As a housemate in Big Brother Amplified, Vimbai Mutinhiri was not a favorite of most Nigerians, not when our girls Karen Igho and Vina were there. Continue reading


In Lagos, Sunday Is The Day You Die

Last Sunday, I almost died.

I glanced up at the clock on my wall and it confirmed my earlier suspicions, it was a little past 12 midnight, way too late to go out and get drugs as no pharmaceutical store would be open. I resigned to waiting for the incoming day to break, whereupon I would go in search for the much needed medications. But I neglected one tiny little detail- it was Sunday.  Continue reading


Calling All Fashion Creatives: Meet Like Minds At The Lagos Wardrobe & Exhibition

Nine Eight Couture and House of TNT have come together to bring The Lagos Wardrobe and Exhibition, a one-day event aimed at bridging the gap between young fashion designers, models, make-up artists and fashion stylists by serving as a platform for them to network, connect, be recognized and also launch themselves in the fashion industry in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Continue reading