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Still On Oscars 2017 – Vanity Fair Party In Pictures!

Jay Z did was right when he said, “After the show it’s the after party!” Following last night’s Oscars, the rest of Hollywood got to join in the celebration at the Vanity Fair Party. Continue reading

Watch How Crocodiles Are Killed For These Major Designers + How PETA Plans To Stop It

It is no news that some of the world’s most expensive designer bags are made from exotic animal skin from crocodile, snakes and more. This practice is why most of these luxury bags, belts, shoes, wallets and watches cost a ton of money.  Continue reading

Let’s Bag It – Golden Globes 2017 In Purses

Just like that, Golden Globes 2017 have ushered in the year’s award season. From red carpet style to beauty, we have brought you some of our favorite looks from the awards show. One important aspect has however, not been touched and that is the purses spotted on the red carpet. Continue reading

Model Crush Monday – Theresa Hayes

Happy new year everyone! Sure you are excited to see what 2017 has in store for you? I sure am as well. I will be working towards being a better version of myself and looking our for the next big thing in the fashion/model industry.  Continue reading

Let’s Bag It – From Maju To Gucci, Looks Like Patches On Bags Will Be A 2017 Trend

Patches are slowly making an appearance on the fashion scene. First on denim in particular and clothes in general, then on shoes and now on bags! Although fashion big shots like Raf Simons first showed interest in them when he just resumed his tenure at Dior three years ago, others were slow to pick up on the look. Continue reading

Let’s Bag It – The Louis Vuitton Race Collection

Asides crushing heavily on Lewis Hamilton, the British formula one race driver, I know next to nothing about racing and competitions as I do consider them sufficiently dangerous to not get involved in.  But race has been brought close to familiar grounds now with the  Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 Race bag collection that were just recently released.  Continue reading

All The Gorgeous Arm Candy From The Spring 2017 Shows!

Spring shows bring with them a number of things; a flurry of emotions, clothes to obsess over, street style trends to follows and bags to crush on! This season was no different and the four major fashion cities ( New York, London, Milan and Paris) gave us their share of timeless fashion. Continue reading