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Contemporary 70’s Magic By Akin Faminu

Fashion is something of a necromancer. Which means it communicates with dead trends to create new ones – and sometimes even revives them entirely and one fashion season that always seems to be revived in one way or the other is the 70’s fashion season. Continue reading

Style Crush – Ric Hassani

Model, Musician, Smile professional and all round fine boy, Ric Hassani has got to be my Style Crush for this week. I have been following his style for a while, and I recently saw some pictures that I knew I had to share, because it will be selfish of me to keep Ric to myself.

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Latest Agbada Styles And Designs For The Men

Agbada has become some an attire of pride in Nigeria and gone are the days that it was a look adorned by older men alone. These days, men, both young and old always love to steal the attention at an event or gathering wearing a very exotic piece of Agbada.  Continue reading

What I Wore Today – Peter Mwansa, Wednesday

Peter Mwansa is an Agriculture Business student and businessman from Zambia. He is also a fashion blogger and runs a website called petermylife.com where he shares inspiration from within the world of fashion. He also shares pictures of his outfit on his Instagram page @peter_mylife. Continue reading

E-Money’s Agbada Style Gets A 5 Star!

If you are into men’s fashion, you will know that Agbada has been in existence for as long as we can remember. Back in the day, if you want to tell how rich a man is, you look at his Agbada style and you automatically have an idea of how much money his makes. Continue reading

The Lapel Project – A Stylish Initiative

Shark Tank is back guys!!!!!

I know I’m a bit too excited for a business show but don’t judge me. The show makes me feel smarter than I really am *wink wink*. I was watching the latest episode over the weekend, and the first people to enter into the Tank were two guys who have created this awesome invention that will make you love wearing suits.

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Kelechi Kalu Serves Up Modern Men’s Style Inspiration

These days, men’s fashion is fast becoming a competitive industry for menswear designers, fashion influencers and enthusiasts. Especially with the rate at which fashion bloggers and enthusiasts keep coming up with innovative ways to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary fashion. It is no wonder men like Kelechi Kalu are gaining followership for their unconventional style. Continue reading