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Beauty Tutorial – 3 Quick Everyday Natural Hair Styles

Good morning and welcome once again to another interesting edition of Beauty Tutorial. This week we are catering to natural hair lovers and bringing to you 3 quick everyday natural hair styles by vlogger, Loveisbellaaa. Continue reading

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I Got A Beautiful Natural Hair Blow Out In Less Than An Hour

I have always been that type of girl who always stuck to the same hair style over and over again. My afro is more like my go to style and I feel if I do something different, people wouldn’t be able to recognize me, but I decided to change my mind-set last weekend. Continue reading

Bantu Knots 7

A Quick Pictorial Guide To Styling Your Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a certain kind of hairstyle adapted for African women from the past. They have been around for years but recently it has become one of the go to hair style for natural hair lovers. It is made in different ways, and is great for hot/humid weather.  Continue reading