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On The Rising Cost Of Being A Woman & Reusable Sanitary Pads

I was gobsmacked the last time I went to buy disposable sanitary pads, to find out that they now go for double the price. Of course, the usual “Na Buhari economy” followed when I asked what brought about the hike in price. It got me wondering what younger less privileged girls are having to resort to. Continue reading


Of 2016 & First Times

2016 was a weird year for me. Although I did not have any plans or resolutions at the beginning of the year, it was a year of losses (of people and money), facing realities and fighting battles with myself especially concerning what I really want to do and which direction to head career-wise. In 2016, adulthood actually dawned on me. Continue reading


Dear Zimbabwe, Can We Have Vimbai Mutinhiri, Please?!

As a housemate in Big Brother Amplified, Vimbai Mutinhiri was not a favorite of most Nigerians, not when our girls Karen Igho and Vina were there. Continue reading


Emerging Womenswear Label TIFE Unveils First Collection Dubbed Omodunni

We love when new talent and creatives are introduced into the blooming fashion scene and emerging womenswear label Tife, with the introduction of its first collection, is set to join the new wave of fashion designers with pieces that caters to all women. Continue reading

Christmas decorations in the Plaza de Armas Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Christmas Is Coming! Check Out Some Cheap Destinations To Enjoy This Holidays

Oh Oh Oh Christmas is coming! How many of you are excited about the holidays? For the most part I am super excited, not because the year has almost come to an end but that I have been able to achieve most of the things I set my mind to do at the beginning of 2016.  Continue reading


In Lagos, Sunday Is The Day You Die

Last Sunday, I almost died.

I glanced up at the clock on my wall and it confirmed my earlier suspicions, it was a little past 12 midnight, way too late to go out and get drugs as no pharmaceutical store would be open. I resigned to waiting for the incoming day to break, whereupon I would go in search for the much needed medications. But I neglected one tiny little detail- it was Sunday.  Continue reading