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The Wedding Dilemma – Who Pays For The Bridesmaids’ Dresses?

I recently overheard a group of friends discussing how ridiculous their bridesmaid costs were. One of them was mad that she had to pay upwards of N100,000 to be in her friend’s bridal train. One hundred thousand Naira to be a bridesmaid?! Please will I have shares in the marriage? Will I take the most eligible bachelor home?

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On The Money – The N1000 Deficit Part 2

Continued from here. 

Before I continue, shout out to the people who think best when they are on the white throne. I confess, without any shame whatsoever, can only think when I’m eating. Especially if the food is special and expensive, money making ideas so I can keep eating that kind of food will just be flowing into my brain like the River Nile. Continue reading