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The SVTeam – Our Style Resolutions For 2017!

We are fully back at the SVHQ and geared up for another fantastic year in fashion and style! With enough energy and zeal, notwithstanding the dryness that comes with Harmattan, we are ready to take on 2017 and share our style resolutions with you! Continue reading


Mannequin Et Stylist – Pleats & Slips

As the end of 2016 and the beginning of a new year approaches, it becomes glaring that a whole year of your life is passing and you begin to ponder and take stock of all the major points you’ve acquired and lost this year, stuff you’ll like to stop and good things you started that you hope would continue and perhaps improve on, in the new year. Like everyone I like to do that too, but not just in my personal life but also in fashion. Continue reading