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Arddyfolio – Passion & A Voyage Inwards!

I love to draw wisdom from happenings in my life, how I tend to handle them in most cases and how I let these events affect me. There was a time I thought graduating from university was the best thing that happened to me, knowing I fulfilled my parent’s big dream of being called ‘mama’ or ‘papa’ engineer. We even had a neighbour who called me engineer right from my first year in school. I knew my certificate was just a touch of formality, ‘I am sha educated’ was my best defence line.  Continue reading


Arddyfolio – Love You Some You & Then More

As the love month draws closer, I have come across different posts on love and relationships. A particular post on twitter about early 20’s been a difficult time for guys in a relationship by a twitter user got my attention, it was really nice and so real, I was already imagining the whole scenario and am sure every other person who read it felt the same. Continue reading


The SVTeam – Our Style Resolutions For 2017!

We are fully back at the SVHQ and geared up for another fantastic year in fashion and style! With enough energy and zeal, notwithstanding the dryness that comes with Harmattan, we are ready to take on 2017 and share our style resolutions with you! Continue reading