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The Style Glaminarian’s Pick – Meeting His Parents For The First Time

In any progressive love relationship, meeting his parents is a major step. So you’ve met his buddies and his siblings probably think you’re the next best thing after sushi but when he introduces you to his parents, it’s likely that he sees a possible long-term future with you. Continue reading

Diary Of An Isale Eko Girl – House Robes x Denim

Happy new month guys. I am thankful for life and being able to be here today to put this post together. We are right in the middle of the first quarter of the year, not everyone was lucky enough to be here today, so let’s always remember to be Grateful. Continue reading

Brace Up By Akin Faminu

So today, let’s move into the accessories department guys, let’s have a chat about braces/suspenders . It’s been a long time coming. But before we go into too much depth I want to just outline the concept that I’m trying to get across with these coming articles. Continue reading

Diary Of An Isale Eko Girl – Mixing And Matching In Damask

I have decided I would start every post with saying what I am doing as I put the posts together, so right now I am listening to ‘Notorious BIG’ and watching Africa Magic Yoruba. My body also aches cause I went on a road trip to Ogun State on Saturday and since then I’ve been faffing about the house and not getting up to much. Continue reading

Nikki’s Style Diary – Oversize Dungs

Recently i’ve fallen in love with big things. Hold up! now get your mind out of the gutter as I was just taking about big clothing!  Last week I did a post on big shirts, now this week, it’s all about oversize dungarees.  Continue reading

Velvet & Tassle Loafers Season By Akin Faminu

A country house shoe, or a Norwegian’s favoured style of footwear? There’s been a lot of talk as to where the loafer’s style of footwear comes from but whatever you consider to be the true origins of the contemporary loafer, what’s indisputable is it’s timeless and skillful blend of comfort and flair. Continue reading