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Kate Middleton Is Proof That You Can Wear Your Favourite Pieces Again & Again!

Do you have that one picture which you look gorgeous in, that is lying fallow on your phone because just when you were about to post it on Instagram, you realized you already posted one in the same outfit before? Continue reading

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Five Makeup Looks Perfect For Valentine’s Day

February 14th is and filled with anticipation of the gifts and attention from our loved ones. Whatever shape that takes you’ll want to look your best and makeup is a fun part of that in today is the perfect day to get a little creative.
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5 Creative Ideas That Will Recreate The Perfect Romantic Setting 2

Want To Create The Perfect Romantic Setting At Home ? This Is For You!

Being romantic is not necessarily a gift. To some, the creativity that goes into the art of romance might come naturally, while others have to peruse the internet, get a few pointers from friends or even hints from their respective partners to do a fairly acceptable job.  Continue reading


What’s On This Week/End 10th – 17th February

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday so there are lots of events and happenings for two but if your single and ready to mingle or just out to have a good time there’s more than just dinners and brunches to look forward to this week/end. Take a look at our guide to the sales, theatre, live music, exhibitions and lots more. We update it daily so do check back to see what’s new as you make your plans!

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Tajé’s Tips – Strawberry Love

Valentine’s season is upon us and with it an array of red things, sweet treats and, hopefully, happy memories. As we know strawberries are a signature of this season but did you know they’ve got lots of health benefits?!

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I Hate Valentine’s Day

If I had my way, I would log out of Twitter and Instagram on the 10th of February and not return till the 16th because I am not sure how much of the social media frenzy of gift showcasing and public displays of affection  I can handle this year.  Continue reading

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Valentine’s Fever – The Gifts For Him Dilemma

I remember this time last year, the pressure to get the perfect gift for the love of my life was insane. The relationship was relatively new and I felt like I had to do something major given it was our first Valentine’s together. Continue reading

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Hello Valentine, We’ve Been Waiting For You!

Valentine’s Day it just around the corner, that time of the year has quickly approached and we are feeling both excitement and sentiments of love because of this special day. Valentine’s day is a special day to let your partner or loved one know that they mean the world to you. Ladies, we all know men are not mind readers, and at times need that extra hint on which gift to buy. Continue reading