Easy Friday Look


I am sitting here wondering why I have been slacking on my personal blog and wondering what other type of content to add asides from my style? It still has to be something that has to do with me and that would be very relatable ..

I get asked a lot how I select my outfits because they always turn out great. Firstly, to be honest I do not put too much thought into selecting what to wear, I personally think when you start to put too much work into a look, you end up not being sure at the end or end up looking like you put too much effort into the look. ( If that makes sense to you).

You have to know your body, because something looks great on the next person doesn’t mean it would look great on you, it might not even be the fit or style, it could as little as be the confidence and how you wear the whole look.

Back to the reason we are here, this is a really simple black dress that I dressed up with dramatic shoes to bring more oomph to the look.

I think the shoes in this look really determines the whole look, if I wore just black pumps, I don’t think it would look as appealing as it does as compared to this look. What do you think?

Hope you are following my Instagram ; @derinfromisaleeko and Snap chat ; @itsderinola ..

Love & Light..

Outfit Details ~

Dress – @shein

Shoes – @jacquemus

Hair – @hikkyshair

Bag – @zashadu



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