2 Strong Points That Show You Need an Early Moon Now!


She needed an early moon. When she said yes to Chris, Lily believed that her fairy tale had begun. Boy! Was she so wrong? From the visits to the village and the crazy meetings with different wedding vendors, all she needed was that break. (The honeymoon before the ‘honeymoon’). A breather, as I like to call it. If there was anyone that she could talk to, it was definitely my Chris. And yes, she was a lucky woman.

Sometimes, we need an early moon. It might be for various reasons. At that point in time, lily needed to cool off. You must not have the same reason, but there are a lot of perks why you both should opt for an early moon.

Reset the romance button

When last did you have an intimate dinner for two? When last did you both just think or have a healthy conversation, other than the wedding plans? Take a break. Pack a bag or two and elope with your lover. It mustn’t be out of state, it can just be within the state or country. It could be a hotel or resort nearby. It’s all about resetting what once switched off. Take time to reconnect and find the missing pieces of the puzzles, you both had omitted.
The crazy work schedules of many couples make the honeymoon, a short-lived experience. Taking the early moon break, helps most couples actually enjoy the early part of marriage. After all, the whole essence of honeymoon is to enjoy the feeling of being with your significant other, alone, switched off from the reality of things around you. Little or no phone calls, switched off from the social media world.

Mostly, this form of a breather could help in knowing your partner better. It could still act as an extensive way of knowing your partner, even on a more intimate level. It could also act as a form of practice for the main honeymoon itself. It would give you an insight of how the ‘big’ honeymoon will be. You will be able to judge from the highlights, what to do and what not to do on the next trip itself.

Perfect Space for Taking the last minute decisions

Even though most couples tend to opt for the early moon because they need a break. Yours could be different. There’s a saying that most times, the best decisions are taken in a relaxed environment. You and your partner will be in a serene environment, and will be able to share your views and opinions on the wedding plans. (Though, it’s usually the women that seem to fuss about it more.)

But, you know, you could be like the giggly ladies, who really don’t need an excuse to be all crawled with bae. Yes! A little loving is needed, all the time!


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