2018 Beauty Trends we Love 

With  a New year comes new beginnings, new trends…… We’ve seen a lot of amazing and exciting makeup trends hitting the runways and editorials by now, and here I’ll be sharing 5  2018 beauty trends I’m excited about. Let’s take a look.

Currently, Beauty artist incorporate illuminators, highlighters while creating looks, the whole face tend to have a glow from within look. The ol’ everything  matte isn’t as trendy as it used to be, Beauty Brands releases are also Glow centred.
Gloss lids are here to stay!! A clear gloss look or pigmented gloss are used over the lids . cking the gloosy lids makeup look. Some brands like mac already have lid glosses and lacquers available. Alternatively you can create this look by using gel liners, pigments and a regular gloss over it and create an edgy look instantly.
Lip gloss is back !! Pigmented glosses and clear gloss should be a staple in your kit. A matte lip can be switched up by applying a clear gloss over it .
A classic wing liner is pretty but the process might be tasking for some people. A simple Blunt liner is easy to achieve and can be made dramatic depending on the look you’re going with.
Currently we’ve noticed that Smokey eyes are not limited to black and blue hues to add drama to a look. Coral , peach, brown and orange hues can be used to achieve a soft smoke that can be rocked during the day and at night.
Though the best trends aren’t limited to theses five, these few just happen to be my faves, well so far as you never know what the 9 other months would bring (as long as it’s not wiggly or fishtail brows right?).
Anyways, let me know below if these are also your faves, if not which ones are?



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