2019 Hues & Ensemble Highlights as seen on the Runway, Fashion Houses & Magazine


If you are still debating what piece to add to your style staples this season, I suggest you start with “what hues”. Blindingly bright hues are in this season, colors like neon, red, yellow, fuschia pink. And for neutral lovers you are in luck earthy tones too are in! That never goes out of style though.

  • You remember how cycling shorts were seen everywhere late last year? It’s not a passing trend fortunately it’s still very much in. You wanna invest in that.
  • Ruffle your feathers cause they are in trend this spring any piece with feathers and fringe are so in, but I suggest you tone it down when styling it. It’s a trend that can makes you look like you just stepped out of the 70s wannabes fashionista comedy show.. lol. And that’s not what we are going for. We wanna look chic and modest not corny or tacky!
  • Crochet are also in this season not your grandma crochet dress I mean well refined lightweight woven pieces and in chic pastel tonal. Get you that in a jumper or scarf to accessorize if the trend is a little overwhelming that should get you started on the trend.

  • The one that really caught my attention and I have invested in, tried out and still gonna continue to style are satin and silk pieces It’s been so major for 4 consecutive years now and still in popular demand this season. What I love about it is it’s not a passing trend apparently it’s a staple. It’s chic, feminine and has a luxe appeal to it. It mixed well with other textures so it’s my number one pick amidst all the trend.

  • Animal print as you know is about the most gigantic trend and still very much most coveted style staple. Not that it’s ever gonna be out though it’s continually revamped. Nothing beats a good classic right. Roar in your prints color bees!

  • Floral is huge and going to be making all the statements this season. In raging bold colors and pattern as seen on the runway in fine couture.
  • Tie dye pieces are another huge trend this season. Don’t pass it on to someone else if you happen to see it in your favorite boutiques, It’s major. But remember no matter how you style this trend make it fashion.

Hope you like this post and find it insightful. Tag @magazinetocloset on Instagram to see how you style your finds. Until we chat again. Xx



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