4 Reasons You Should Try White Bedding


Every year i make up my mind to change my bedding from your basic blue and traditionally ‘male’ colours to strictly white bedding. You know those all white cotton sheets and duvet that’s fluffy and crisp, that makes you feel like you brought the hotel home.  Yes, that type.



What is about the bedrooms that makes you feel like jumping into the bed when you arrive at hotel rooms around the world?

However, my fears has always been, would I be able to eat my Indomie on the bed anymore, no more skipping of a late night bath even when I’m extremely tired and so on. That said there are some really good reasons to make the switch.

Having problems sleeping at night?

Its been argued  that bright, bold,  colors or paisley bedspreads keep you awake and energized while white bedding makes you calm, and at peace, sending you off to lala land swiftly.  That works for me. Does it for you?

white bedroom


Everything looks better with white

Ever wondered why fashion concept stores usually go with white walls in their studios? And not online in fashion, take Apple Inc. for example. All white showrooms evokes class and presents items in a luxurious way. It’s simple. White makes everything else in the room more attractive. Including YOU. Your paintings, flowers, nightstand, throw pillows everything you’ve decorated your space becomes more obvious when your bed is bright white.




Married? Then you definitely should 

To bring your masculine and feminine aesthetics together, white bed linen gives you and your spouse a blank slate to build your bedroom. With the addition of artwork, throws, pillows etc you can create your dream room.



White bedding never lets you down

To those of us who are not exactly  great at making our beds with military corners every morning before leaving the house, the whole room still looks clean and inviting with white bedding. I mean what else do you want when your bed looks good without you having to do very much?



So guys, if you want more returning customers you should take advice from this article.


What do you have on your bed right now? Are you down with all white bedding and how’s it working for you? Share with me in the comments!



Images – decorpad, valenciaathome.com, cocokelley.com, rilane.com, 




  1. Dear Femi, your plan won’t work. I have had people try to make me use white bedspreads….but I’ll pass. I’ll stay with my black and dark blue beddings,,,,,lol. Although, the first reason is tempting…


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